May 26 2016

Croque Madame



2  Sliced sour dough bread

1T Bacon fat*

4oz Miami Smokers Sweet Ham**

3 slice Switzerland Swiss or Emental

1t Miami Smokers Beer Mustard ***

1 Farm egg

2T Bechamel****



  • Butter the bread with bacon fat or butter (preferably bacon fat) and toast on both sides.
  • When you flip the bread, cut a hole in one slice with a pastry ring. Crack your egg into the void. On the second slice spread the mustard thinly and add two slices of cheese
  • Quickly sear the ham on the plancha.
  • Flip the egg when the when the bottom side is toasted and the egg whites are almost set.
  • Once flipped spread béchamel and once slice of cheese. Top with ham in a pile.
  • When egg white is totally cooked and yolk is still runny (1-2min after previous step) top with second bread and cheese, flip, and serve….


*can be replaced with butter, but bacon fat is better

**sliced thin

***if you’re not lucky enough to have it, a whole grain mustard will work

****béchamel is a classic mother sauce, and the basis for Mac & Cheese. You should learn to make it

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